Fair exhibitions

After establishment in 2010, Regional automotive cluster of Central Serbia organized several significant activities in 2011. The most important activity was organized during the Second international automotive supplier fair "SEE Auto Compo Net 2011", which is the most important event of the kind in this part of Europe. The fair gathered over 100 exhibitors, over 60% was from abroad. Besides the opportunity to show their potentials and possibilities on the stands, within the "Meet the buyer" event, they had the opportunity to get in contact with representatives of 15 multinational companies in automotive industry. Business meetings enabled opening of new business ventures for one part of cluster members, which realization is expected during next year. In addition, the fair allowed contacts with the representatives from similar institutions from other countries, which increases the potential for cooperation of the cluster members.
Besides this fair, cluster members visited Trade fair for the automotive industry "Automechanika 2011", held in Istanbul, where they had the opportunity to contact the firms and organizations from Turkey. In addition, during the fair, representatives of our firms informed other exhibitors about the current situation in automotive industry in Serbia and potentials for cooperation between our and Turkish companies.

Trainings organized for the members of Cluster

In its previous work, cluster organized several trainings for representatives of cluster members and specially should be mentioned workshop "B2B presentation". This presentation was organized as a two- day workshop, in the scope of preparation of cluster members for their participation on the fair "SEE Auto Compo Net 2011". This workshop, led by international expert, enabled the cluster members to create their presentations and fair appearance, in order to present their companies and possibilities in limited time for meetings, in the best way possible. Ongoing project with the German company "DEKRA" and "GIZ"- German association for international cooperation, total value of 300 000 euros, for the main aim has training and certification of 60 quality representatives, employed in current and future members of the cluster. This is one of the first private investments of this range in the sector of education in Serbia. First part of the training is realized, that was concerning general knowledge about quality management system. The other part of the education will involve specifics of the quality management system necessary for implementation in automotive industry.
Very important trainings of specific knowledge will be realized in the scope of the project "Western Balkans Virtual Manufacturing Network"- support to integration of triangle of knowledge, under Tempus program, realized by Faculty of Engineering, Kragujevac. This program enables members to use the services of Center for Virtual manufacturing, through six months trial period as engineers and development of technological projects. The network of members enable flow of information and experiences about technological solutions and projects, and work with Faculty of Engineering allows a direct connection between companies and carriers of knowledge.